A 10 unit modern loft style townhouse infill project that brought change the future of townhouse design. Our firm's unique 3 story design with roof terraces accessed by private elevators transformed the City of Pompano Beach zoning code. It was this design concept that led a breakthrough transformation of infill townhouse design projects throughout the city. Residents were now able to utilize a previous non-accessible roof terrace for outdoor entertaining and roof top jacuzzi's. These modern living environments provided the private open aired spaces that were missing in most infill projects. With a privately gated interior drive court the automobile became a secondary means of transportation and the residents were more inclined to walk to all the nearby retail and dining amenities. 5 units faced direct ocean views while the remaining 5 units had views over the private cabana club house and pool area.
Ocean Pearl, LLC
Pompano Beach, FL
3 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Bathrooms
Total Area
Completed, 2006
Project Management
Vinny Naidu
Project Team
Woody Friese, Eric Mills, David Eichholtz, Carolina Rincon